Monday, February 22

Sometimes I blow MY mind!! ;D LOL!!

What an awesome day today!! ;D It started out innocently enough... not much going on, the kids were playing, Jack's plan appeared to be to wreck the place

and Jessie decided to try and play the piano (since we don't have a violin yet! ;D) so she worked on playing When You Wish Upon A Star! It's starting to sound really nice!! ;D **Is very proud!!**

I had a play with my guitar... I have a cunning plan to learn to play Time In A Bottle before Rex's birthday next month. Hah. I'm going to have to practice A LOT~~ There are a lot of chords in there that are preeeeetty tricky!! My fingers are sore already! Anyway, it will be worth it in the end! ;D ( oh and don't tell him, 'k?? sshhhh!!!)

Jessie and Jack worked on some more words for Jack today whilst I ran the dogs out for a quick walk. He LOVES doing those magnet letter words and his writing is really improving! Yeahy! ;D Jessie worked on a thank you note and then made some lovely art which she put on the window.... the setting sun made them luminous and they look BEAUTIFUL!!!

After Daddy came home the mood picked up even further! He was in great spirits and we were all just giddy with joy! I made a DELICIOUS dinner... just a simple pasta but I made a sauce that was fantastic (AND Vegan!!) I cooked up some zucchini ( Courgettes! ) and some red onion in some olive oil until they were browning. I added some salt and pepper and stirred them some more. Then I added some delicious sauce from a teeeeeny town near here, the hearty vegetable one I think it was. I stirred that up until it bubbled then added fake meat!! ( oh YUM I hear you cry!! LOL!!) Morningstar crumbles are really good as far as fake meat goes! I cooked THAT up and THEN added a great slooosh of port !!! Ah HAH!!!! yep. Port. Deeeeeefrickin'lickinlicious!!! Oh it was so good!!! EVERYONE loved it. I had TONS!! WAAAY more than I should have had and THEN I wiped my finger around the pan before I washed it !!!!!!! LOL!! I'm SOOOO gross!! ;D We washed down our dinner with just a liiittle wine and I had just a littttttle couple of glasses more.... yummy!! I'm going to get into this wine thing, I can just see it!!! ;D

Hmmm... just realising this post isn't very "parenty" is it??! LOL!!! Ah well!! If Mama ain't happy.... and all that!! ;D

Toodles yoodles! ;D


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Risa said...

You know I'm gonna want to hear you play Time in a Bottle at the APHS Jamboree, right?