Tuesday, February 23


Oh my!! I had big plans for tonight!!! Well, when I say big plans I don't mean "BIG PLANS" I meant, well, staying awake would have been one of them!!! ;D I fell asleep holding Jack's hand at the side of his bed... Jessie came and woke me up, I tucked her into bed, got my PJ's on and came and sat with Rex....aaaaaand fell asleep again. **SIGH**!!! THIS is my life people!! Living on the edge....of the couch!!! ;D

Today was one of those days where nothing much gets done yet I didn't find anytime to sit and vegetate either!!! If I'm not going to get anything done at least let me find the time for loafing around and reading a book or something!! ;D I did get to chat on the phone with a (VERY HYPER) "Old" Lisa who had clearly been at the coffee in the worst way!!! I've never heard her talk so fast!!! LOL!! It's lovely to catch up and chat with her once in a while though, I love how we can just start yapping like we only saw each other yesterday!! I also chatted for quite some time with "New" Lisa too!! I'm beginning to think that "Lisa" perhaps translates into "Is Really Easy To Talk To!!"

The kiddoes were their usual selves today! Jack turned over Daddy's chair this morning in an effort to make some sort of hideout I suppose! Jessie decided that she would like to learn to speak Greek...wowzah. We started her off on "Livemocha" but sheesh, it's a trick!! It's really hard to read! She had fun trying it out though! She practiced some more on the piano and is coming along nicely. I played a little guitar today and am working on my callouses! Jackster worked on some reading and letter writing this afternoon... he really enjoys it and I love that!! If he's really unhappy about something I can offer to "Do School" with him and he's always as happy as if I'd offered him a cookie!!! (Though if I gave him a choice I know the cookie would win, no doubt there!!! ) Perhaps the poor boy is just starved for my attention?? : ( OR he really likes to learn! Yes! That's it!! Later Jessie and Jack pretended to be Greek Gods and had mighty battles throughout the first floor. I banished them to the living room as their tearing about was making everything shake in the dining room! I'm not all that confident in our floors! Jack apparently had wing~ed feet which instead of making him fleet, made him jump up and down like a Jack Rabbit. A common occurrence in ancient Greece, I'm betting! ;D Apparently I am Hera, the "Calm Goddess of the Family"... **snort** !! I'm not sure there IS a goddess for "The one with the sarcastic mouth and quick temper" !!! Anyhoo.... I'm rambling!! I can't help laughing at the page I have beside me listing some of the Greek Gods.... here's one I'm amused by ...Hephaestus... The ill-favored god of Metallurgy !!!! LOL!!! Sucks to be him!! ;D However, I'm also intrigued by Dionysus.... the joyful god of the wine!! Well... who wouldn't be?!? :D
Anyway.. seems like this Lightning Thief book may well have opened some new worlds for Jessie to explore for a while.... looks like we'll all be having some ancient Greek fun in the next few weeks! ;D

**GASP!!** Wait!! I just re read the paper..... Hera is The MATURE Goddess of the Family.... Hestia is the CALM goddess of the Hearth!!!!! Ack!!! So not only does Jessie not think I'm calm, she ALSO thinks I'm OLD !!! LOVELY!!

I'm going to bed. What's the name of the Greek God of the eiderdown and feather pillow??!??! :D

Goodnight! ;D

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