Friday, February 26

Getting things done around here is like herding chickens! ;D

Now I know what that expression really means!! ;D We had more fun on the farm today helping with the move and the last thing we did before leaving was to round up all the chickens into a trailer so we can move them in the morning! I've NEVER had to round chickens up before, not literally anyway!! It's quite fun really!! ;D I don't know how many chickens there actually were, but I know I'll be dreaming about them tonight!! ;D

We've had a long and busy day and we'll all sleep like rocks.... I already DID sleep like a rock whilst putting Jack to bed. I must have laid my head down and closed my eyes because suddenly an hour had passed and I had no feeling left in my legs!!! ;D

I'm going to bed now .... more tomorrow! ;D


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Missusgarry said...

So good of you all to go and 'muck in' to help your friends.... it would have been tough for them without you... well done!!! :)