Wednesday, February 24

Oh My! Dear John!!

Lisa and I had a girl's night out tonight and went to see "Dear John"....!! Well!! Firstly I should explain that I really don't tend to like "romantic" movies...I'm usually about action or comedy... I think I just don't like to be vulnerable but there ya go. I happened to get a coupon for a free ticket to see Dear John from a DVD we bought recently and as I knew Lisa said she wanted to see it then I said we should go! Oh boy! I'm soooo glad we did!!! (Jessie, if you are reading this, stop now please.....)

(I mean it Jessie....!!!)

Oh my my....!!! Channing Tatum is just GORGEOUS in this movie!!! He spent faaaaar too little time with his shirt off but even when he was dressed in his army uniform.... wow. He is in SHAPE people!!!! I'm not even going to think about how YOUNG he probably is... I'm just not, but I WILL probably think about how goshdarn HOT the man is. Pheeeewwwweeeeeee!!!! It was hilarious in the cinema..... anytime there was any hint of sexuality, well, the entire audience held it's breath ( I should say "HER" breath, I didn't see one man in the place!! ) you could have heard a pin drop !!!!

Anyway!!!! Let me catch MY breath here......

****composes self****

I'm sure lots of other things happened today.... I imagine I did a little school with Jack.... if I recall correctly I played Taboo with the kiddoes whilst still in my pj's this morning and I'm pretty certain I painted something.... oh yes, a parrot....... but really..... who cares....!!!

LOOK AT THIS.....!!!

Sweet dreams folks! ;D

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