Thursday, February 25

The best laid plans, fun on the farm and blogging with a purpose.

Well!! Today was supposed to be unfinished project day.... and I suppose it turned out that way in the end, but it was supposed to be sitting at my house sipping tea and knitting!!! My usual suspects couldn't come today for one reason or another so I instead gathered up the kiddoes ( ok, two is hardly "gathering" ... maybe Puckering...!!) I PUCKERED up the kiddoes and we set off out to the house of some friends to help them pack up their farm so they could move out by Saturday!! They live faaaar away from us ( ok, about an hour or a bit less ) but they will be moving much closer, so that will be nice!! ;D Jack and Jessie LOVE going out to the farm... Jessie likes to play with the kids and the chickens, dog and cat.... Jack likes the big screen TV and the toys!! LOL!! The children were awesome and I got some exercise moving boxes to the garage! ;D We were there for a while and had a lovely time visiting as we worked! We'll be going back again tomorrow to do a bit more... I think they'll be moving the cows and chickens tomorrow too!! I'll stick to the boxes!! ;D It's so much easier to help someone else pack up and move than it is to do it yourself... I think it's just really overwhelming to look at your home and try to fathom out how on EARTH you are going to get it all in little boxes!! :D For outsiders it's just stuff and boxes... pack, carry, stack....pack, carry, stack!! Much easier!!!! Anyway, that's how we ended up spending the day!! Certainly not wasted that's for sure !;D

Finally I want to post a quick thread that I will be spending more time on soon. I'm not sure if you have heard of the Pearls?? Horrendous people who advocate such things as whipping babies and children until they are breathless to "Train them up" along with other unspeakable methods of parenting. Frankly it makes me sick just thinking about it. I've known about the practice for a while but have had my head in the sand as I couldn't bear to face that this was actually going on in today's modern society but recently a Californian child died following such "training". My fabulous friend Alicia posted about it all on her blog here. Read about it if you can bear to and please PLEASE pass this information along. We need to raise awareness of this sanctioned child abuse and make it stop. I intend to contact my local libaries, bookstores and churches and try to get the books withdrawn from the shelves. I feel it's the least I can do.

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