Sunday, February 14

A Happy Valentine's Day!

We had a lovely Valentine's Day... I hope you did too! ;D We decided last night that Valentine's would be a diet amnesty day ( which I will regret in the morning I'm sure! ) so I have pigged out on all manner of sugary and high calorie goodness today. I know... I'm SOOOOO bad! ;P

Rex and I had a lazy start to the morning and we talked about ways to put romance back in our lives.... just little things every day to keep the romance going! He's such a thoughtful and considerate guy really there's not much else he could do but I know I need to work on it a bit. I'm always so busy with the day to day drama of a life with two kids, pets and a part time job that I forget to make time for love in my life. I'm going to start with things like making a nice hot bubble bath with low lights, candles and soft music for myself. I need to relax and FEEL more romantic. Maybe instead of reading all the murder mystery books I read, perhaps a romance novel once in a while. I'd like to hold hands when Rex and I go out together and maybe cuddle on the couch at night rather than me on the computer in one room and him on the couch asleep in the other....

And so with that outline of my day fresh in my mind I need to do two things...1) go work off that 15 pounds I just put back on today and 2) go spend some quality time with my hubby.

I LOVE that man of mine. :D

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Risa said...

Jim and I spent some time today saying 14 things we love about the other person. Even doing something that simple makes a big difference when you are busy raising a family!