Thursday, February 18

Unfinished Project Day, Running for my life and Why Isn't The Mentalist On Tonight?!?! :D

Today was and is unfinished project day at the Baker house. Friends are encouraged to bring their children, their knitting, scrapbooking, sewing or craft project and work on it at our dining table whilst supplied with copious amounts of tea, good food and conversation! It's a winning combination!!! We had a fun time today with Mary and Marsha and all the children had a whale of a time screaming, tearing around the house and apparently riding ten dragons! Of course I'm usually faffing about doing this that and the other instead of working on my (countless) unfinished projects, but still, I'd rather chat anyway!! Knitting and such just takes my concentration away from the conversations!! ;D I wish every day were unfinished project day.....!!

After dinner tonight I went to the basement for another Wii Workout. I did my strength exercises, Yoga, aerobics and finished off with a "short" run. Usually I plan on just a quick little jog but I'd failed to notice this time I'd selected "Island Lap"... um.....!! I was exhausted when I finally crossed the finish line ( of COURSE it didn't occur to me to just quit...!! ) I've clearly got out of the habit of running but there ya go... what can I say?!?! :D

Once Jack was asleep I got myself ready for bed and hustled downstairs to watch The Mentalist.... only..... it was a CSI episode. An OLD CSI episode.... Hmph. What gives???? So looks like I will get to read my book in bed instead then! ;D Good enough for me! ;D

Oh and I haven't forgotten the Set Notation thingy... I have to get my computer hooked back up to sort pictures.... maybe in the morning all being well! ;D

Night night all! ;D

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Catonine said...

I think the Mentalist was a rerun. It came on right after Survivor.