Monday, February 15


I have been cleaning this house for almost 12 hours straight today!! Well it certainly feels like I've been cleaning it for 12 hours though I know I was on the phone for a while and I did use the computer for a while too but nothing like I normally do!!! I've been up and down my stairs, tackling the laundry beast, dusting, vacuuming, tidying, sorting, cleaning, clearing, emptying, washing.......!!! I even washed down my washer and dryer...!! ( I love those machines!!! They are so beautiful!! ) I put fairy lights up in the bedroom, I put away every scrap of laundry that had been piled up upon piles... ( I SO wish I'd taken pictures...!!) I painted my toenails and sat and watched a "How To Crochet" segment on You Tube whilst I had my lunch but that's the only time I can recall sitting down!!! My laundry room looks stunning, the kitchen is clean and shiny, our bedroom is a beautiful haven of peace and calm... the dining table is clean and clear with only two potted plants on it.... bliss bliss bliss!! ;D

I even managed to get a little school in with Jessie today! ;D We're currently learning Set Notation and I asked my friend Lisa O.K. for some ideas to use the game "Set" to demonstrate Set Notation! She gave me some great tips and I'll try them out tomorrow...!! Reee... Any ideas from you too?? I think the game is perfect for it of course! ;D

Anyway folks, I'm so tired!! I'm going to go to bed and dream of THIS beautiful thing and try to imagine what sort of colors I can put in it...!! Isn't it FABULOUS?!?!!?

More tomorrow! ;D

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Risa said...

No ideas off the top of my addled brain (Jim's away all week so I'm flying solo with the boys), but I'd love to know more about how you are using the game Set with Jessie. We have the game here too, and I'd love to do more with it with Daegan.