Tuesday, February 16

Ugh! ;D

You see.... yesterday went SOOOO well it was perhaps inevitable that today would be a washout! The dog peed on Jack's bed again this morning and I literally became hoarse from yelling at and about her. I'm SOOOO beyond frustrated with her... I don't even know HOW she does it!! I NEVER see her do it!!! GAH!! Anyway, that sure didn't help my day! I did mountains of laundry again, some school with Jack, read Risa's latest blog post and promised myself that I would try that one out tomorrow ( tomorrow, tomorrow, always tomorrow!! ) I've fallen so far off my diet that it's impossible to imagine ever getting back onto it, and part of me is ok with that ( hint, it's NOT my butt...!) My computer has died... again. I'm using Jessie's at the moment. Mine looks suspiciously like it did last time when it got infected with a hideous virus and cost us $$$$$$ to repair. **sigh** AND I had piles of laundry stacked neatly all over the dining table ready to put away and Jack somehow managed to spray chocolate milk all over it with his drinking straw.


I have put the call out to Rex. He's on his way home. With Chocolate.

I will be ok.
I will be ok.
I will be ok....!! ;P

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Samantha said...

You will be okay!!! Plus, chocolate always makes things better, especially with a glass (or two) of wine. Hope tomorrow is better.