Friday, February 19

Finally Friday!!

Well.....! Hmmmm..... I feel like I have spent the day poorly today! I can't seem to come up with anything I did that is worthy of note! I was cranky a lot of the day, grouchy for some of it and tired for the rest of it!!! ( Poor kids!!! ) I tried to do some school with Jessie ( MORE Set Notation ) and succeeded in making her cry... I'd asked her to "just do one page" whereupon she lay her head on the table and sobbed! I tsked at her and told her she "just needed to ask if she wanted help..." and I took a look at the then I phoned a friend!!! :D Luckily I have several smart friends and Lisa the Math Prof is just the one to call at times like these!! ;D She was very helpful and set Jessie and I back on the right track again!! Poor kiddoe!! I remember doing Set Notation when I was in school ( but never since, interestingly enough!!! ) Ah well! It's Mummy and Jessie Day tomorrow so hopefully that will make up for my tyrannical nature during the week?!! :D

Jack was a sweetheart at bedtime tonight. Jessie had accidentally smashed a glass in the bathroom sink and was upset about it. I was brushing her hair and she was teary due to the knots, the glass and the fact she was tired out! Jack thought I was abusing her head with the hairbrush so he asked if he could brush her hair instead! I let him have a turn and veeeery veeeeeery gently he brushed her hair saying quietly "It's ok... you can sing now..." !!! Bless him!! ;D

I put Jack to bed then went through to talk to Jessie... she wanted me to help her pick out an outfit for our day out! We picked something really smart! She'll look lovely! :D She kept telling me how excited she was and how she looked forward to this day more than she looked forward to Christmas!! Bless her! I hope she has a great time tomorrow! ;D

I'm going to get a reasonably early night I hope so I can keep up with her! ;D

G'night! ; D


Cadi said...

What precious children you have! Enjoy your day out!

A Magical Childhood said...

Would this be a good time to mention that I still have NO IDEA what set notation is? :)

Hope you had a great day!