Thursday, February 18


Whoooooot!! ;D Date night Date night!!! ;D Our fabulous new babysitter arrived promptly just before 6 and jumped right in to playing with Jack! He barely gave us a second glance as we left the house! Jessie was busy cooking dinner when we left...!! Times have indeed changed! ;D Rex and I went out to the mall first... I wanted to go to Penney's to try out some perfumes at Sephora. I got tons of little paper sticks and sprayed each one with a fragrance and wrote the name on it. I'm usually highly averse to strong smells but since taking my happy pills have found they don't affect me so much anymore. I'd love to have a "signature scent" so am trying to figure out which one is "me" ! I'm narrowing them down slowly! ;D Rex found some bargain sweaters... $5 each !!!! ... After that excitement we went to Grisanti's restaurant for a LOVELY dinner and I had some wine... (Wednesdays are half price bottle nights... who knew?!?! :D ) I just had an Italian Pinot Grigot ... slurp slurp!!! ;D I also ate way too much deliciousness AND had a Chocolate Monk ( A drink with about 600 calories per glass and lotsh and lotsh of alcholholol in it !! ) Hee heee!!! **tsk!!**

We got home just before 10 so that the lovely babysitter could get home; school in the morning! Jack and Jessie were both still up but went to bed as soon as we got back. Jack was already in bed but was sobbing as he didn't want the babysitter to leave!!! Bless him!! He loves her so! ;D Jessie was waiting up for us and said she missed me but I think she had a good time anyway. Jorie ( the babysitter ) played all sorts of games with them and I KNOW they had a wonderful time!! I'm SOOOOO thrilled! ;D I lay down with Jack to help him get to sleep and... um..... 2 hours later I woke back up....!! LOL!!!!

I'll hopefully remember to write more tomorrow about the neat game we played to demonstrate Set Notation and our trip to the pet store today where it was all I could do to NOT bring home two of the more adorable young cats they had for adoption!!! I told them I'd need a lot more money and one less husband before I could do that!! ;D

Alright ... to bed I go where I shall no doubt lay like a python having just swallowed a goat. I may be there for sometime! ;D



Samantha said...

Yay for date night!! Sounds like a lovely evening. :D

Risa said...

Sounds like a wonderful evening. So glad you have found a new sitter!

Magic and Mayhem said...

Sounds perfect! Glad you have a fun new babysitter and so close too! LMK what scent you decide on. I'm curious!