Wednesday, November 26

Happy Thanksgiving to all.....

... and to all a good night! For those of you in the US tomorrow is Thanksgiving... for the rest of you, it's ... well.... Thursday!! I hope, what ever day it is for you, that you have a lovely one. I'm pretty well set for tomorrow's big event but sadly (for me ) I'm starting to feel I'm coming down with something!! I'm amused because I feel I probably deserve it!! I've been driving folks mad with my "I've done THIS, THIS and THIS already..." brag brag brag..... ahem. Now I feel like c.r.a.p. and I'm likely to be dragging my sorry ass through tomorrow!!!! Don't worry! I'll perk up!!! I'll eat so much garlic no one will want to be near me, that should help!

I hope everyone has a great day.... bring on the pumpkin pie!!!!!!!!! :D

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