Thursday, November 27

11:15 and the chicken is in! :D

Soup's made... though I didn't get enough mushrooms so I ended up adding potato, rice and sweetcorn... but it's going to be GOOD!! ( GASP! Just realised I forgot something... back in a minute...... ) I have a list of what needs to go in the oven and when and forgot to write down the bread rolls! :D I'm just using crescent rolls this year instead of homemade fresh... everyone (else!) loves 'em... oh the sacrifices we make! ;D

I made a chocolate pie to go with the pumpkin I made the other day... Rex just went in to see his mother so I sent a piece of pumpkin pie ( on an antique plate! ) and some crafts the kids made this morning! I hope she likes it.

Right, well I'm going to see if I can make an Apple and Cranberry Tart and then I'll clean up the kitchen and sit by the TV until it's ready!! Whooot!! :D

Oh.. I guess I should finish off the table too... plates and silverware would be nice!?!? :D


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