Thursday, November 27

Ah..... another Thanksgiving draws to a close! :D

Dinner went fairly well despite my BURNING the soup AND the crescent rolls! I knew the soup was doomed from the get go... I was going to make Cream of Mushroom soup.. it's really easy and my favorite ( it's from the Moosewood Cook Book not the can..!) anyway, I only bought 1/3 of the mushrooms...because I am a skinflint! Anyway, I made the soup as normal but that meant too much liquid sooo I added some potatoes, rice from the freezer and some frozen corn! It looked and tasted great! I put it on to heat up just before dinner ... and put it toooo high. I was busy doing everything else ( you know how that goes, it's all fine and dandy for 3 hours but the last 10 minutes are pure chaos!! ) and suddenly smelled burning. I grabbed a spoon and started to stir... and could feel it all stuck to the bottom of the pan. I saved what I could but could tell from the smell that we were doomed. The crescent rolls I SWEAR were an accident! Despite what I think about them, the family love them and I love the family! What happened there was I wanted to get the roasted sweet potatoes good and hot, but 350 isn't hot enough, so ... I cranked the heat.. forgetting the rolls. *doh!* They were literally BLACK on the bottom. I tossed 'em and set out bread slices in a fancy pattern on the plate!! LOL!! I honestly long for a double oven.. it's not often, but certainly for Thanksgiving and Christmas, juggling this at 350 and this at 450 is sure a challenge and one I need to work on I guess!! :D I did serve the soup but it certainly had a "woodsy" taste!! Ah well!! Everything else went pretty well and the wine with dinner reeeeally helped!!!!!!!!! I had kept on top of the dishes so the kitchen wasn't too bad to clean up... the dishwasher is now drying and I have one more load ( of pans ) to go in. The kids and I have been for a walk with the dogs, hubby napped and watched a movie! We've just had some fantastic hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, spray cream and grated chocolate and the fire is crackling away in the hearth!! What a lovely day!

I hope yours was wonderful too...!!!


Niecey said...

hehe "skintflint"
I remember that one

Gorgeous. said...

I went "all English" last night and said I wasn't going to spend five pounds on something or other!!! WHERE did that come from!?!??! LOL!! I've only been here 15 years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!