Saturday, November 29

Whipped Scream!!!

This is a video we made of some of our family chaos after the Thanksgiving pie!!! It's a little nuts at our house, but we do love each other and have lots of fun!!!! It's the screaming that really makes me laugh! And Jack under the table at the end......!!!

Enjoy... and thank you SOOO much, Apes, for your wonderful tech support help! I love ya, Lady! :D


Barb said...

There was entirely too much screaming in that video! Sounds like my house. :-D

I loved how you turned and we suddenly saw that Jack was hiding under the table. LOL

btw, we have the exact same carpet in our house. :-)

Gorgeous. said...

LOL!! It's like that a lot at dinner time here...!!

And, re the carpet, I hope you have fewer stains on yours...!! ;}