Saturday, December 29

AP moment of the day~ Fickle Me Mommy

Oh what a hormonal web we weave, when first we practice to conceive.....!!

From wanting to rip out my insides a day or two ago, to last night watching Knocked Up and crying and bawling through it again! I can not watch that movie without crying. It reminds me of being pregnant and losing my baby at 21 weeks and not being able to have a successful pregnancy since then. Today, 18 months later, I'm quite happy not to have any more ( hence the "ripping out" comment....!!) yet last night I was sooo emotional and if it would have done any good at all I'd have wished myself pregnant right there. Pregnancy is such a wonderful, thrilling and positive time, especially for me anyway. I don't get morning sickness, I love being pregnant and my hubby is so supportive...... anyway, we know wishing it doesn't make it so. So here I was, done with having any more children, happy with my "choice" one minute ( do you like the way I said Choice? It's not really a choice. I like to say it's a choice, but really my body has failed me and I don't even think I am ovulating any more! Too much info? Perhaps...) anyway the next minute I am weeping and wishing for more babies.... so what do I do??? Today when out shopping with my little guy, I buy three baby rats. Yup. You heard me. I'm nutso. Jessie was THRILLED!!!! Rex, less so.... :{ We'll see how it works out. Talk about impulsive craziness!!

I said to Rex I'm glad there isn't such a thing as a baby store... I'd be in there buying babies one minute and trying to return them the week after!!! :D

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