Tuesday, December 25

AP Moment of the day~And what a day it was!

Do you drive the neighborhoods and check out all the Christmas Lights every year like we do? The most beautiful old neighborhood in town is all decked out with lights and the streets are lit with luminaries... it's just fantastic. The houses are old old and large large.... Peeking in the windows as we slowly drive by we see well dressed families, smiling happily at one another. Smiling for the camera and tucking into Christmassy treats. It's easy to get suckered in to believing that everyone else's Christmases are perfect. No one whines, everyone eats all their dinner and there are no tears, no tantrums, no sadness......However, I'm sure you would find, if you could be the angel on top of the Christmas Tree that no home, especially one with small children in it, is a home of peace and tranquillity, especially, did you hear that?...ESPECIALLY on Christmas Day. To me it seems wrong to be sad on Christmas day, almost a crime against nature. It's Christmas DAY!! HOW can you be whining?!?! HOW can you be picking a fight with your siblings today of all days?!?!?! Why is it that family members can STILL find something to complain about on this Day of Days?!? Crazy..... but common. And the hardest part is, for me anyway, I am so stressed out about their being stress at Christmas time that this leads to stress in and of it's self!! I don't think the children should be whiny today, so I am stressed that their whining will bother everyone else... so I get snappy with them... so they whine more.....!!!!!!! AAACCCKKKK!! :D This evening, at dinner time, I realised two things. One, we had left Christmas Dinner too late. Crazy CRAZY to try and eat at 6pm after all the hoopla of Christmas!! Of COURSE Jackster was worn out!!! Doh!!!!! and Two, it really doesn't matter if all he eats is Turkey and no veggies.... heck, he's all but stuffed on fudge and cookies anyway...!!! LOL!! :D Tonight at the table he looked worn out. I asked him if he needed a nap and he said " I nap a'yap..." ... He hurried off and returned with a couch cushion and a blanket, climbed up on my "yap", lay down his "Pee'ow" and proceeded to nap as I finished my dinner!!!

I finally got it. Sure, this may not be "perfect" ... Martha doesn't live here and that's for sure, but it's all I've got and it's all mine. The year will come when the kids don't pick fights anymore, everyone eats all their vegetables.... and then they leave and go home to their own lives. Whilst I do often look forward to that day, I know I must also live and breathe in this one. This is their childhood, this is their lives, and for now I'm happy to be a part of it!

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