Wednesday, December 26

AP Moment of the day~Realizing how much your kids love each other

even when they are usually at each other's throats!!

It can be such a shock sometimes, when you are suddenly made aware how much your kids really do love each other. They do. THEY DO!!! You are looking askew at me. You have your doubts, I can tell, but honestly and yes, surprisingly, your kids love each other. Mine get on alright a lot of the time, but it's only a matter of time before they start fighting. One will take something of the other's. One will steal the other's book and throw it into the garbage can...... (ew)....... One will pull the other's clothes until the stretch out of all proportion. They wrestle and bicker, yell and scream, tear around and around the house screaming at each other until I think I might just go INSANE........ and then this.......

This evening we were again eating dinner too late... *( I know, tsk, don't I ever learn, even my OWN lessons?!?!?) * and the kids had had a busy day. Hubby was talking to Jessie and suggesting that we could look into sending her to school in the spring once in a while, so she could join in the music lessons and maybe sports. Now, one thing I know and she hasn't yet figured out, is Daddy talks the talk, but, erm, not so much with the walk the walk!!! An idea pops into his head and he verbalises it. We discuss it and it usually dies a death all of it's own. I have long since stopped worrying about things he talks about!! Jessie is still learning this so she took him very seriously and I could tell she was growing very concerned about what she was hearing. She pretty much thought he was going to send her to school. Full time. For EVER. Poor kid!! Anyway, as I said, she was very tired and gets pretty emotional when sleepy, so I was not any where NEAR as surprised as her Daddy was when she burst into tears at the table!!!! Her little brother was at the time being a total pest by driving his car over her table mat and when she began to cry he startled and instantly put his arm out to comfort her. He pulled her close to him and laid his head on her shoulder, patting her gently on the back. He started to act like he might cry himself; his lip came out and he started to sniffle..... we encouraged Jessie to let him know she was ok, but they both cuddled and hugged and Jack would kiss her on the cheek and look into her eyes to make sure she was really alright. It was so damn precious!!!! :D Being the type of people that we are, we had a camera handy and snapped a couple of pics of them!! It will come in handy to remind them how much they really care next time they are fighting it out to the death on the living room floor!! ;D

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