Friday, December 28

AP Moment of the day ~ When it all starts to go downhill, LEAVE...

...the house!! :D

Today started out ok.... the kids had ended up sleeping in our bed last night. Jack in my arms and Jessie across the bottom of the bed at our feet ( on top of the covers, in case there is any confusion.....) it wasn't an ideal situation, I really don't like to have the kids in bed with me..... they are so big and Jack is a terrible kid to sleep next to as he moves around so much!! He kicks and punches all night long!!!

Anyway, the morning started out fine, but what tends to happen here is the kids get sort of sick of each other after a while and the play grows from being peaceful and gentle play to more boisterous and chaotic play and can degenerate into an all out brawl. At this point I am usually trying to get some chore or other finished off before I feel I have the time to focus solely on them. ( Which is what they need in the first place!!! Ah!!)

As the course of events began to unfold in their usual manner this morning I noticed myself getting frustrated with them and growing more and more tense. Once we had had lunch and Jack was growing wild and crazy I had an epiphany ( it's like a hard candy....!) and realised that we hadn't been outside for a walk in a long time. We usually walk every day, but over the holiday season all our semblance of routines has dispersed on the winds and we have fallen into a very slap happy approach to daily life!! We bundled ourselves up and went through the entire routine in order to get out the house...Everybody peed?? Everybody got socks? Shoes? Gloves? Scarves? Coats? Are the tree lights off? Are the house lights off?? Is the dryer going? Is the door locked? Do we have keys? Phone? Dog lead? Is the stroller nearby? Are the tires good? .... etc etc..... and we finally all went out for a lovely walk in the fresh winter air. It really is a Good Thing (TM) to get out when the going gets tough!!! We returned home happy and rosy cheeked and the kids were far too tired to get into too much trouble before Daddy came home!!! ;D **SCORE**!!!!

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