Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year !!

Tonight was a lovely evening!! Our friend who was also our Doula for the birth of both of our children, came over with her hubby and we all played games and nibbled and sipped until midnight! :D It was a lovely evening. Jessie begged to stay up and was thrilled with herself for making it until midnight.... but only minutes later she fell fast asleep! :D Bless her. I was thinking of what it was like to be 8. She really wanted to play games with us but we had only 4 person games. We just wanted to play games as adults and had bargained on the children going to bed before midnight but she so desperately wanted to be involved and I tried very hard to involve her and make her feel part of the whole experience. It's so important for her to feel a part of things, rather than apart from things.... I wanted her to realise that I am so very happy she is here to spend New Years Eve with us and even if it's not as "convenient" for me and our friends, to have her up with us, it's very important to all of us that she feels welcome and special on this special night.

I love New Year's Eve. It's a day and night with such hope and promise... the year stretches out untarnished and ready to be experienced. I wonder where we will all be this time next year??

Watch this space! :D ....................

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