Monday, December 1

Let the RAK'ing begin!! :D

December 1st!  We've been anxiously awaiting this day to start our Random Acts of Kindness for the season!  We don't JUST do it in December but it's certainly more structured this time of year!! We'll do random acts of kindness anytime the mood takes us ( I bought a guy's newspaper and a greetings card at Walgreen's the other day for instance!) ...anyhoo!  Today was the first day and our first Random Act of Kindness was a piece of cake!  No, literally it was a piece of cake!! :D  I had recently offered to make some traditional English Christmas Fruit Cakes for anyone who might want one and was going to sell them for a little extra cash.  A friend of mine who lives in another state said she would love one and said she would be passing through Nebraska on Monday (today!) She said if I could manage to get it made she would pick it up on the way home!  So I bought the stuff, made the cake and this morning covered it with a layer of marzipan and a thick layer of Royal Icing, just the way my Mama taught me!!  She stopped by to collect it and was getting ready to pay me for it when I decided to make her my first RAK of December!  One Christmas Cake, free of charge!

We also put up our RAK tree.  For November we made a Thankful tree where we filled leaves with things we were thankful for.  This month we made a tree and the decorations are each going to be Random Acts of Kindness that we have performed. :)

My Elvish helper ... somewhat of a goofball, especially when she is high on sugar and frosting!! :D

So there we have it, the first bauble on the tree to symbolize the first Act of the month! 

In other news my smallest girl got to work decorating her little tree, the "Yes" tree from last year.  She was so excited to decorate it and kept pointing to where she was going to place the next bauble.  She would then say "Here!", place the bauble and then give herself two thumbs up before proceeding to the next one.  At one point she lay on her stomach on the floor, rested her chin upon her hands and gazed at her handiwork.  When Daddy got home she took him by the hand and walked him over to see her tree.  "Did YOU do that?"  He asked ....   "Uh HUH!" she proudly replied!! :D 

And yes, for those of you who know her well you will not be in the least surprised to see she is clad only in a diaper.  The only way she will wear clothes is if we go outside, even then she can't take them off fast enough once we get home! :D 

All in all a lovely day.  I managed to get a long walk in with the dogs.... it was about 20 degrees so rather fresh but I felt I needed to feel the cold in my bones.  I believe your body needs to KNOW it's cold in winter... it needs to feel the chill and to let the blood cool, if you know what I mean!  There's nothing more healthy looking in the winter time than rosy cheeks from being outside in the cold air!  Having said that I will say I am VERY grateful for our new furnaces.  Very grateful indeed.  

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