Tuesday, December 2

Day two! :D

Today was a lovely day considering last night we were up until the wee hours with a puking little girl...  :(  Poor Millie.  She developed croup or something and would throw up about every 20 minutes until one in the morning.  I finally managed to get her to stop throwing up after I read something online suggesting that she sniff a rubbing alcohol swab.  It seemed to work wonders as once I'd had her sniff it she never threw up again!  Good to remember I think!! She and I slept together cuddled on the couch and Daddy slept close by on the floor.  After one am she was just fine and when she finally woke up in the morning it was as if she had never been sick at all!  :D  We HAD planned to go to a friend's house today ( Hi Diana!!!) but after chatting with her on the phone we decided that perhaps it was best to give Millie a while and make sure she was really clear.  ... So we are going tomorrow!!

I took Jess and Millie out to the stores this afternoon to pick up some neat things for some future Acts of Kindness.

Millie putting on her "Mits"...!  See ?  She does wear clothes to go out!!

 We arrived at Hobby Lobby but Millie was fast asleep so Jess stayed in the car with Millie and a book whilst I entered alone....!  It's a good job I knew that I had Jess waiting for me... I tend to lose HOURS in stores like that!!  I picked out some of the things I had been looking for then headed with the kids to HyVee where we went crazy picking out some more fun stuff!

Seriously?!  How lucky am I?  I get to look at this sweet face every day :D
(She's grinning at her big sister!)
I have tomorrow's RAK already planned and I can't wait to carry that one out... it's going to be a nice treat for Jack's bus driver..... shhhh!!

Anyway, after all our errands and what not we headed back home but decided to stop by the Post Office to carry out today's mission!  We all went in and visited with the ALWAYS lovely but terribly camera shy Kathy, our Post Mistress.  Millie picked out a book of Christmas stamps which we bought but we left for whomever comes to buy a book of stamps next.  We did this mission last year too and  Kathy was able to tell us about it and she loves to be in on our fun!

Loitering with intent at the scene of the "crime"! :D 

The stamps picked out by Millie! :D
Our afternoon ended up with lots of reading and viewing of today's Christmas movie, The Snowman. Millie just couldn't get enough of it and I love how there is no speaking in it, just beautiful art work and lovely music.   Very peaceful!  Last night's movie was Elf....  Hilarity of course... not QUITE so peaceful but an enormous family favorite!

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