Thursday, December 4

Day Four! :D Baby Blessings!

I used to walk my dogs miles every day.... then... well it got cold!  I do try to walk them as often as possible but when it's so cold I don't want to take Millie out and so we stay at home.  Nevertheless the other evening I was out walking the pooch and happened to notice a house with a New Baby Girl sign in the yard.  I had no idea who lived there, it could have been their first child, could have been their fifth, it didn't matter, I knew I wanted to make them a Random Act gift.  We bought some pink fleece fabric with white polka dots and made a small knotted blanket.

 I popped it into a box and added two chocolate bars, because, well.... chocolate!! :D

Jess and her friend Charlotte came along with me and they went to the door with their parcel.  I'd taped a note on the front saying congratulations on the arrival of their baby girl and hoping they would accept our small gift as a random act of kindness.

I'm sure they have all the baby blankets and what not they need BUT it's nice to know that other people are thinking of you sometimes!  I hope they enjoy it or at least the thought behind it! :D

Speaking of the thought behind things my darling husband came home with a brand new tea pot for me tonight!!  I get through tea kettles and tea pots at a rather alarming rate and the one I was currently using is from the 1960's, made in Holland and enamel.  I found myself rather alarmed to discover bits of metal flaking off into the tea.  That's enough of THAT thought I.  New teapot a go go!! :D   I keep a private blog called Reasons I Love my Husband.  I post things here that make me smile and help me keep in mind all the good things about marriage that sometimes it's  easy to forget. It's like a gratitude journal but about him! :D....  So the teapot thing will CERTAINLY be tonight's entry!

In other news.....

 I put together a couple of really simple table top decorations this morning 

I love this little guy's face!

and baked some banana bread, regular bread and frosted some more Christmas Cakes.  (all gluten free if you needed recipes..!!)

Charlotte and Mary came over to watch the little ones whilst I took Jess to an Ortho appointment and I'll be darned if we didn't decide we ought to sample the Christmas cake.... and it was good.  I can Not stop eating it!!  I really REALLY should get started on that fitness regime!! 

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