Wednesday, December 3

Day three!

We were looking forward to this one as it was a gift to Jack's ( and Jessie's when she went to school!) bus driver!  The lovely lady is always to friendly and cheery though I know she is also very firm with the kids.  I need her to be firm with the kids.  She has my babies on there I need to know she isn't going to be distracted by wild behavior!  Anyway, it was Jack's turn to give a gift and Gail's turn to get one!!  We'd done a little shopping at HyVee yesterday and put together a fairly respectable little gift bag I think!

An Eco mug, some ground coffee, some hot chocolate mix, some apple cider mix, a bar of Belgian chocolate and a bag of Milano cookies!!  

We bagged it all up into a gift bag and Jack waited excitedly for the bus to arrive in the FRIGID air!  (I've been driving him down the block to the stop lately, it's crazy cold to have to stand there in the, for some reason, we thought it would be warm enough to walk down.   Hmm.  20 degrees and a north wind?  Not so cozy!)  

Once the bus arrived he climbed up on board and we all greeted Gail and thanked her for everything she does for the children!  She's a lovely lady and I can't imagine doing her job.  She deserves every act of kindness she can get! :D 

Once Jack was safely off to school Jess and I returned home and once our fingers had defrosted we got to work on some Christmas card writing.  I might actually get some out this year!  It was very nice to have a helper to write all the envelopes.  

Our neighbor's little girl was supervising Jess to make sure she was doing it right!!

Shortly before lunch I gathered up my smallest child and bribed her into putting on some clothes so that we could go and see my friend Diana.  How did I bribe her you ask??  Diana has a bunny.  Millie has ALWAYS loved Bunnies.  She couldn't get dressed fast enough!!

We spent a lovely few hours in Diana's beautiful home eating delicious food, drinking hot green tea and sampling muffins that her son had made for us!  Millie was starting to get tired and unhappy though.  She was coughing and just looked sick.  Poor little mite.  I packed her back up and headed home with a  quick quick quick stop at the library.  I had recently got Jess hooked on Janet Evanovich books and she had raced through the first one (One for the Money).  Like me Jess hates to be without a book and we don't get to go to the library as much as we would like so I tore in with Millie and went straight to the correct section and picked up Two for the Dough and also Three to Get Deadly...  she reads FAST!   Back home and naps on the couch all round!

I gave Millie some pineapple that had been soaking in honey for some weeks.  It's supposed to work wonders for coughs and sore throats.  We'll see how it goes but it certainly tastes delicious and once she got over her initial suspicion, she couldn't get enough!   Here's hoping for a good night's sleep!

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