Friday, December 5

Day Five, it's a gas gas gas! :D

Today we had Charlotte here as she had slept over the night before.  It was a CRAZY 50 degrees out and I thought a nice walk would be in order.  The dogs thought so too.  Even Millie was (fairly) willing to put on clo' and go for a ride in her stroller with us.  We walked the dogs a bit and then headed to the gas station for today's Random Act.  We went into the station and bought three scratch lottery tickets, tucked a $10 bill alongside and put the lot into a ziplock bag which we taped along with a note to a gas pump!  At the time the gas station was empty ( which was good, we didn't want to be "choosing" who would get the surprise! )  We headed off home and when I looked back I saw that a car had already pulled up to the pump and a lady had received her gift!  I was too far away to see clearly but she must have been happy with it I would have thought?? :D

Later, after snacks consisting of more Christmas cake and a bit of banana bread thrown in I took one of my cakes to the Post Office to mail to my friend Lisa in Michigan.  I chatted with our lovely post mistress and she told me that someone had picked up the stamps we left earlier and they were so excited by it that THEY went and bought a book of stamps too and left them for another person!    THAT'S the fun part of RAK's.   Last year we did one at the Christmas Tree farm and it went on and on and on for 12 more rounds!  The tree farm people called me to tell me about it they were so excited.  They had such a lot of fun facilitating the whole thing!  

So there ya have it.  Random Acts, pass 'em on!  It's a good thing! :D

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