Monday, April 12

Monday?!?!? AGAYUN!?!?!

Wow Monday's come around pretty quick these days don't they?!?! :D

Well you'll be THRILLED to know I ran the full mile on Boot Camp today without stopping once. Pah. I know, I used to run MUCH more than one mile but that was then and this is now!! I kept going by reminding myself about Eddie Izzard and his amazing 43 Marathons in 51 days! He just told himself "Don't stop!" If he can do THAT I can run a poxy mile!! ;D ( that doesn't mean I wasn't pretty darned proud of myself though!! )

This afternoon the weather was magnificent!! It was in the high 80's and the children were outside most of the day !! ( of course the fact that I had told them if they spent more then 5 minutes indoors I'd find them chores to do had very little to do with it.....!! ; D) I had imagined I would get all sorts of my own chores done today... I literally have TONS of laundry .... ok, ok... not TONS LITERALLY, but a LOT of laundry piled up waiting to be folded, the kitchen is a disaster, the house needs to see a vacuum and really, I MUST change the bedding BUT the weather is lovely, the windows are open, I'm thrilled to be getting up and getting out, exercising and biking...... LIFE IS GOOD!! FAAAAR to good to worry about domestic crapola!!! Face it, even after I'm dead there'll be damn laundry to do and dishes to wash... I'm not wasting my time on it all now!! ;D ESPECIALLY when it's lovely out. The next time it rains I'll clean my house! Or when Lisa, Mary or Elayne next come to visit which ever comes first!!!;D

Before dinner tonight Jessie asked if she could go for a bike ride with me! She got on her bike and would you believe she challenged me to keep up with her !!! LOL!! the noive!! ;D We had a lovely ride though town, through the park and along the trails.... ! She did really well. We had a couple of hills that I had to change gears for and the poor little mite didn't HAVE any gears! She just had young lady ooomph I guess!! ;D It was really lovely to be out on a ride where I could just coast along and not worry about how far or how fast I was going! Nice! ;D

Anyhoo folks, I've kept you long enough. I'm going to bed! No Boot Camp for me in the morning tomorrow... Rex will be in Omaha so I'll stay with the kiddoes. I actually might MIGHT get some cleaning done as I do think they are predicting rain. I also want to go through the closets and clear out that which is more than 10 years old.... !! Who am I kidding... I have pants that my MUM used to wear probably 30 years ago. ***swoon!!*** I almost can't believe that myself!! ;D

Night all...!! Sweet dreams! ;D

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