Thursday, April 15

Boot Camp, Friends to visit, a Marvelous Magical Milk Experiment and a delicious dinner with friends!!

What a lovely day!! **happy sigh!!** :D

This morning I Boot Camped and I felt great ! I worked really hard and kicked my own ass!! ;D After Boot Camp I came home and tried out a new Camel Bak hubby had bought me to carry water on The Bran !! It works well and will keep me well and truly hydrated! ;D Not long after that our friends Mary, Will and Charlotte came to play and the kids ran around outside most of the time! We did wrangle them in to try out our Marvelous Magical Milk experiment!! It was really fun and the kids enjoyed dragging tooth picks through the milk afterwards!!! They had to leave earlier than we'd have liked today but hopefully they have been persuaded to come and play again tomorrow!!

I did some work this afternoon, wrote an article, filled in some paperwork, etc etc and then we gathered up ourselves and headed out to my friend Elayne's house for dinner. She took special care to make me a fantastic Vegan meal.... it was so good!! I'm ashamed at the lousy stuff I've been putting together for my family after that!! And she's not even VEGETARIAN!! It was awesome. It's lucky for everyone at the table that I'm on this diet for Boot Camp right now or I'd have eaten the lot !!! YUMMMY!!! We'd have loved to have stayed and hung out all night but the kids were all starting to freak out so we had to go home! Can't wait until next time!! ;D

Tomorrow looks set to be another Fun Filled Fab Friday !! Bring It ON!! ;D

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Risa said...

Keep rockin', hon! I love your energy!