Friday, April 16

Fabulous Fun Filled Friday! ;D

Hellooo!! ;D

Today was awesome! ;D Boot Camp kicked Boot and my ARMS !! Yowzah! I couldn't lift my drink bottle to my mouth halfway though !! Phew!!! It feels good though, I KNOW I've exercised when that happens! After Boot Camp I came home, showered and tidied up the house a bit and then Mary and the kiddoes came to play again!! I LOVE that they came two days in a row!! How awesome is that?!?! :D

The children spent a lot of time riding their bikes to the park and playing there and Mary and I sat and righted the worlds wrongs, sipped tea and knitted some!!! ;D I also made a long list of everything I have to get done this weekend... you know, besides have fun and hang out with the kiddoes! ;D Mary and gang stayed until gone 6 and STILL Jack sobbed and wailed when they left! He was only appeased by the prospect of Boot Camp for Kids tomorrow and then Jorie coming to play with him tomorrow afternoon whilst hubster and I go bike shopping. I say shopping, I mean looking~ with~ longing at. Jack has instructed me I have to go out if Jorie comes.. he wants her with no interruptions from me I guess!! ;D Jessie was excited to hear that we are going to the Pioneer's Park Nature Market tomorrow too but I didn't think Jack would be all that bothered, so that can be a surprise!! :D

So for now, I suppose I'll just go and lay my head down for all of five minutes, wake up and start the madness all over again!! I'm really LOVING all this crazy busy we have going on! It's such an awesome change and I just know it won't last so I'm hanging on to the roller coaster and we'll see when it slows down again !!! ;D

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