Tuesday, April 13

Tuesday.... right?? It's Tuesday today???

Yow! ;D

Well.... um.... I'm trying not to use the word "busy" today... but ....ah.... it's been a FULL day today! ;D I started out working on some stuff for Greg, I got the kids outside to play in the beautiful ( if rather breezy ) sunshine and I did a little work. I decided, since I was missing Boot Camp today that I would get some exercise here at home so I jumped rope 300 times, did 50 tricep dips and went for a one mile run whilst carrying two jugs of water each weighing 5.5 lbs. I'm insane. Anyway, after that I wrote an article for the Examiner and then got the kids ready to go to town. We ran so many errands I was dizzy with it, but finally we got all done, headed home and had a snack. I sent the children back outside and wrote some more articles, then cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living room. The laundry remains. I barely notice it anymore! ;P After a quick dinner the kiddoes and I played a rousing game of Farkle whilst Daddy mowed the ( now neck high ) grass! After Farkle, vitamins, teeth and BED !!!!! ***sigh*** Sheesh!!

And now, here I am, begging you to please hang on with me and I SURELY WILL get some photos out to you soon! One thing that's holding me up is I need a program that reduces my pictures en masse. I used to have one but when the computer had it's virus last, well, the program "Poopapeered". : ( Rex has another copy of it, I just have to nag gently remind him to put it back on for me!! ;D When he does, well, look out!!! ;D

So, goodnight, again, all!

Oh, incase you missed my articles today, here they are... you know, if you are having trouble sleeping or something....!! ;D

Down Syndrome girl to star in Fox's Glee

Study finds spanking leads to bullying

The Week of the Young Child

Toodles! ;D


Risa said...

Yes, my dear, you are INSANE. Yet still strangely inspiring...! LOL!

Missusgarry said...

I do believe you ARE your mother's daughter........!!!!!!!!!!!! So proud of you my girl...!!! xx