Tuesday, February 2

Workman's comp! ;D

Yesterday...yes, folks, this is what I should have written yesterday but I couldn't keep my eyes open.....!! Anyway...!! Yesterday hubby came home with a pretty nice entertainment center which had been destined for the trash. He'd had to disassemble it to get it home and he and Jack spent an hour or so putting it back together last night! I love to see the children helping out and Jack really enjoys doing it. He's always asking "Me help you??!!" even when it's horribly inconvenient and it would be MUCH faster to simply do it yourself.... but how can you resist such a sweet request! A person DOES have to be in the right mood to allow small children to help ... it can be a job in and of itself! Anyway, Jack got to help build. He was so excited and what Daddy gave him the hammer and let him pull out and later hammer in nails! Well!! Pleased as punch he was! He kept working really hard to get the nails in just right and you'd hear him say under his breath "I LOVE helping..." !!! What a star!

Of course today he's been something of a ratbag, mostly due to my working again and leaving him to his own devices throughout the day. I can't believe how much I miss "Just" homeschooling, housekeeping and parenting. I really enjoy days where I feel we have done some good Book Larnin' !! ... Is it just me or does everyone wish for more hours in the day!!!!?? Actually,6 more hours overnight would be WONDERFUL for me. Maybe I'll start a petition!! Can I count on your support??!!;D


Risa said...

Loved the picks of Jack helping out. And great score by Rex on the entertainment unit!

Samantha said...

Count me in! I'll sign your petition for more hours ~ 6 sounds like a good number :D