Saturday, February 6

Diets stink, Wii works and not much happened today!

Good evening...!! ( to be said in odd Wii chap voice whilst wobbling your head slightly and not quite syncing your lips...!! ) LOL!! ;D So.. remember I mentioned, weeks and weeks ago ( ok, probably only a couple of days ago, but it SEEMS like weeks ago ) that I am going to go on the Shredded Diet with Lisa as I am not signing up for the boot camp??? Yeah. Well I'm such a good friend! Rex assured me that "Men wouldn't do that!" He's probably right, but it's nice to have some moral support when you are trying to give up eating everything you love. I don't need to lose a lot of weight, 5 lbs would be nice, but this diet is really about portion control ( which I don't do well apparently! ) eating healthy food regularly, and skipping the candy, chocolate, pasta, breads... you know, anything you really FEEL like eating. It's a challenge, folks! :D On the plus side I am eating a LOT more vegetables which can only be good for me AND I am hoping to break my sugar cravings... or at least knock them about a bit!?!?! :D

Anyhoo... I also said I was going to try and work out every day this month ... and....I have so far!! ( I've just checked my planner and about died when I realised it's only the 6th !! !LOL!! Ah well..!!! 6 days down eh?!!? :D ) I really have to exercise as Lisa is doing this kick ass boot camp and she will slaughter me when we get out (finally) on the bike trails!! Her endurance is going to be phenomenal and mine...??? meh....!! ;D SO anyway, I'm growing closer to my Wii guy. He's starting to know my foibles and scolds me should I accidentally put my foot down or if my legs shake too much. He knows I don't go to bed early enough and he guilt trips me about my stomach muscles. Man, that thing is good! ;D

Other than wondering when and what I could eat next, knitting a whopping TWO rows on my dishcloth, tidying the house a little bit, but not nearly enough, NOT doing ANY work ( !! ) and watching the kiddies play out in the snow, not much happened today! It was a quiet slow sort of day. The snow is starting to melt and so is wet and drippy everywhere. I love the snow and I love the sun, it's the in between stuff I can't stand!

Well it's awful quiet upstairs so I'm going to guess that Rex has fallen asleep whilst putting Jack to bed! It's easily done!! I'm going to go wake him up and maybe knit another row!!! WOW!! The lives of the rich and famous eh?!! :D


Risa said...

What programs are you using on the Wii for fitness, Tiffany? I am thinking of getting one to add some diversity to what I'm doing, and possibly get the kids involved more. Recommendations?

Gorgeous. said...

Risa, we have the Wii Fit and the Wii Fit Plus. I'd highly recommend either of them but the Wii Fit Plus is awesome!!! I love their exercises, there is masses of variety and the games are fun and strenuous! Highly recommended! ;D

Risa said...

Thanks Chicka. We don't have either so we'll prolly get the plus version. This winter is sooooo getting old!