Sunday, January 31

Slooooow Sunday....!

Apart from starting the day baking delicious Fruity Fruit Bars ( Blueberry ) from my La Dolce Vegan cookbook the morning started out kind of slowly! We then went to the hospital to visit Rex's mum who is there with suspected Gall Bladder complications ( which seem to have been sorted out, fingers crossed! ) Whilst we waited ( and waited ) for Daddy to talk to the doctor the children and I hung out in the waiting area. Jessie had fortunately brought along a purse with two books in .... Twilight was one and A Wrinkle in Time was the other. We'd not managed to get much read last night as Jack was being antsy, so we used our waiting time to catch up on the story! Once we'd seen Grandma we went for some Tacos then drove around and ran some errands. I used that time to work on my knitting.... making a dishcloth!! I am planning on making several so I can practice various stitches! Once home it was already time to make dinner ( Florentine Style Manicotti..! ) It wasn't bad but needed something I think ( PROBABLY CHEESE!! ;D ) We all sat and watched The Hardy Boys on the Retro TV channel and I knitted some more! Then it was bed time, cuddle time, sit on the bed and chat with Jessie time ( and there's never enough time for that...) and now, here I am ready to watch a movie with hubby. ( for "watch a movie" read "no doubt fall asleep in front of a movie"...!! Ah well... I'm sure a little CHOCOLATE will help.... Vegan, of course..! ;D

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