Wednesday, February 3

Homemade muffins, a stuntman in the making and a new dishcloth to boot!

One thing I don't enjoy so much is starting the day watching my 7 year old son ride his bicycle head first down the stairs. Yep. NOT fun.... (He's fine, just broke his glasses which we managed to fix!!!) however things I DO enjoy include having a little girl who is big enough to make Vegan Chocolate Muffins ALL BY HERSELF!! Not a BIT of help from me!!! YEAHY!!! Oh man I'm so happy about that!! ;D

And they were SOOOOO good!!! Especially gooey and warm out the oven when the chocolate chips were just melty and delicious!!! YUM!!!

And look! I had time to finish a project today!! Behold!!! Dishcloth Number One...!! ;D

The trouble is, I'm not going to want to use it..... I won't want it to get dirty....!!! ;D

We went to visit Lisa this evening and she told me all about the Boot Camp she is going to... Sounds a bit like hell to me, but I told her she had my full support!! I'm going to try and do the required diet along with her but I'm going to exercise on the Wii for a month and we'll see who has the best results...!! I'm thinking SHE will, but I will still be able to walk down the stairs when I'm finished!! ;P

I haven't done my required exercise yet today so I go....!! ;D


Risa said...

Glad Jack is ok--yikes!--and those muffins looks awesome! Well done Jessie! And well done you for getting your exercise in! (Boot camps are all the rage up here too; one of my best friends goes to one when her kids are in school. Much of the year it is held outside in a park; but right now they've got an indoor venue. It's not supposed to be THAT tough! :-)

Samantha said...

Those muffins looks so yummy! Can Jessie bake me a couple and mail 'em out? Great job, Jessie!

I'm glad Jack is okay. You have a little dare-devil on your hands. I think if we got your Jack and my Jos together we would be in some BIG trouble (I'm picturing sledding down the stairs in laundry baskets). ;D

Missusgarry said...

LOVE the dishcloth... so pretty! I don't use the one I knitted either... as you say, don't want to get it dirty!!!!! Tsk! :) Fantastic pics of Jessie - she is SUCH a fantastic girl... it's obviously in the genes :) Well done - the muffins looked scrumscious... and so does Jessie :) xx

Missusgarry said...

PS... this must sound as if I've overlooked Jack careering down the stairs... but we've talked long and hard about THAT!!!! ;)