Friday, February 5

A reasonable day, a cat on the lap and a bird in the hand.

Well! Today was better! ;D **breathes sigh of relief!** It wasn't PERFECT by any means, in fact my Facebook status today read "It's like the Lord Of The Flies over here..." meaning as I was working and basically leaving the children to their own devices ( which to me means they read quietly and absorb historical facts, humorous trivia or various math theorems ) they were busy finding ways to drive each other crazy and then simultaneously beat on each other whilst screaming "MOMMMMMM" at the top of their lungs. Lovely. This time however I dealt with it a little better than yesterday... I shut myself under the stairs. I didn't. Not really. I wish I had, but no, I tried to reason with them and then sent them to their rooms. Happily the day passed fairly quickly, I was able to chat on the phone to friends and once Daddy came home the switches flicked and the children became little darlings once again. USUALLY they go batshit when Daddy gets home but their wires must have become crossed!!! Ah well!! I think we could all use some sunshine soon!! Poor kiddoes. I can't keep working like this, it's really not fair on them. When I pay them any attention whatsoever they really become good children. This weekend I'm determined to try an experiment to find DNA and also to work on probability from Risa's blog. That will make me feel a little better anyway!

So not only do I have the children who need my attention, I'm obviously failing my pets too.... !! 'D Herman sees me sitting at the computer and knows I'll be there for hours. He never seems to want to sit on me when I'm on the couch as he knows I'll be up and down all night, but at the computer, why his luck is in! ;D

Here are some photos of my lap and it's occupant! ; D

whilst looking out the window at the fresh snow (!!!) this afternoon Jessie suddenly gasped and sounded horrified. A bird!! A bird in the snow!!... only this poor bird looked like it had taken a crash landing and was beak first in the snow with it drifting up over it's back. It's wings were out akimbo and it looked like it might be trying to make snow angels... Dead, I thought. Yup. A Goner. Nevertheless I thought it might be interesting viewing for the children as it was a Downy Woodpecker and we don't get to see them up close very often so I donned boots and gloves and headed outdoors. I went out to gently scoop him up... and he was alive! I held him gently and stroked his back talking calmly to him and he sat happily in my hand. The children watched out the window and Jessie took a couple of pictures...

After a while I took him over to our spruce tree and he flew up into the shelter of the branches. It was a very special treat! We got some more suet this evening and will put it up tomorrow and see if he comes back to say howdy! ;D


Risa said...

Great pics of the woodpecker--poor little guy. Hope he survives!

Gorgeous. said...

He looked just fine when he was in my hand and seemed to have no problems flying to the tree....I think he maybe hit the window and stunned himself!! Poor thing!