Sunday, January 24

Sunday! .... um.... !!

Just a quickie tonight folks... I have a long and busy night ahead! Today is something of a blur.... it seems the morning was spent looking for our dog who wandered off and was gone for what felt like HOURS. She does that, Brecon, the dog at the top of the blog page. She will catch the scent of a rabbit or something and that's it... she's gone. Anyway, she came back and we went out to the shops. Great. Grocery shopping on a Sunday. What a way to spend the weekend hours!! Still, it needed to be done!! We spent a small fortune in Open Harvest, our favorite source for Organic and Natural foods... and we ran into several old friends, some of whom we haven't seen for over a year. Open Harvest is just that kind of a store. It's a rare day when I go in and DON'T see someone I know!! Anyhoo, after that I dropped Jessie and Hubby off at the library ( lucky buggers ) and I took Jackster to the super market with me. He is AWESOME when there's just the two of us and he was a really neat boy today. We then went to the pet store next door to get dog food. Man. The pet store is Jack's Kryptonite but all in all he was pretty good and we managed to leave without ANY yelling or tears... from either of us!!! We circled around and picked up the rest of the family and headed back home. Once the groceries were unpacked and the house was at peace the rest of 'em watched a movie whilst I started working.... and here I remain!!! I have made dinner in the meantime ( Beat the Clock Spinach Lasagna ) (Vegan ) It is SOOOO good!! I will share the recipe sometime... but Not Tonight, Josephine. I have also cleaned the kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, blown a fuse from trying to run the kettle and the dishwasher on the same circuit at the same time... FIXED the fuse, bathed my boy, got him to sleep, chatted ( all too briefly for her liking ) with Jessie and eaten a rather large amount of Marzipan straight from the package.... but other than that it's been Work, Work, Work....!! ;P

Hope your Sunday was a nice one...!?!? See you tomorrow. Monday here is going to be Laundry day. All Laundry, all the time...!! ;D


Cadi said...

Have a great week! :-)

Risa said...

I look forward to the recipe. And have fun with laundry day--Sunday was my laundry day and I am still folding! :-)