Thursday, January 28

Run Marble...RUN !!!!

Last night, when the kids were in bed, my husband showed me something he'd bought for them as a surprise......


This morning I hid it under the couch and planned a treasure hunt for the kids ( which funnily enough involved them having to complete all manner of chores before they found the clues.....!!) until eventually the poor kiddoes found their last clue and dug the box out..!! Wheeeeee!!! We couldn't wait to open it up and get it going!! It looked fantastic !!! Yeahy!!! Except.....wait...... what the....????.... Huh???????


Yeah..... I hadn't noticed THIS little bit of information...........

And they meant little teeny pieces.... that were all the same. And all plastic. Fragile plastic. You know, the kind that the dog likes to chew or the kind that if you happen to accidentally STEP on one of the OVER 430 pieces it will break thus rendering your entire Mega Marble whatever the heck completely useless. Yep. That kind.

I was all for taking it back to the store.... what fresh hell IS this??!! But the kids persuaded me to keep it and I was having my own problems with the computer and so on... so.... meh... I let it stay. I figured maybe Daddy would have a clue how to put it together. You should have seen the instruction book for this thing!!! It's a gazillion pages long... Anyway, it turns out this Marble Run has proven to be just the thing for Jessie!!! She has taken to the project and spent hours studying the instructions, working out problems and building this behemoth. I'm really proud of the way she's sticking to it. This is the first time I've really seen her dedicated to something and it makes me feel great to see her figuring it out and not being intimidated by the immense job infront of her! It's not close to being finished yet but I believe she can do it and she's going to be so darn proud of herself when it is and I'm going to be darn proud of her too!!!

Way to go, Jessie!! and... watch out Marbles... you'd BETTER run !!!! ;D

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