Saturday, January 23

A puzzling afternoon, the best laid plans, a movie and a little French.

Ever get too busy to remember to parent? Or is that just me? Today was one of those days. I had plans. BIG plans. I was going to go to Lisa's or meet up in SUPER TARGET, or go to the library, or go for a walk or or or..... but THINGS got in the way. THINGS kept cropping up. Work stuff, piddly stuff, Jack throwing things at people's heads stuff, the dog escaping and (luckily) being spotted in the front yard stuff, paying the bills stuff, not being dressed until THREE PM stuff..... you know, one of THOSE days. It threatened to be a really REALLY sucky day, especially because, with Jackster, when he is at his worst is when he needs YOU to be at your best. I needed to be on the ball, on top of his behaviour, paying attention to him, distracting him, MOTHERING him.... but, nope, not today!!! It wasn't until late afternoon that I finally found a moment to come up for air and realise my fundamental mistake. I'd been so busy working out problems online I'd barely spared a moment for the short guy, so, we got out the puzzles. Ahhh.... puzzles. The hardest part for ME when Jack is doing a puzzle is to sit on my hands and let him figure it out for himself!!! I positively ITCH to point to the right piece and it drives me half crazy to watch him try and put a piece in upside down.... but... I do. I let him do it and he is always so proud of himself afterwards!

Jessie was very disappointed we didn't end up going out... me too... but she bore up, bless her. She spent a lot of her day on the computer or reading a book at the table.

She's a superstar of a kid. I'm really very proud of her.

Daddy came home and saved the day with a giant sack of Runza French Fries. Hot Runza French Fries. You've gotta love that guy!! It was just what I needed too. I was starting to get another headache and I think what I needed was a little hot grease!! ;D Hubby also brought home a movie for the kids to watch. The Iron Giant is an absolute treat. Set in 1957 America a 10 year old boy befriends an iron robot that fell from the sky. It's a really wonderful, touching film. We all loved it. I'm sure Jack will watch the heck out of it before it goes back to Blockbuster!

Once we were movied out and French Fried up, we headed up to bed. For some reason I started speaking French with the kiddoes... Ouvrier la bouche, ferme la porte, that sort of thing. They LOVED it!!! They both kept asking me to please say this or that in French and I wished them both Bon Nuit as I put them to bed!! I'm going to take that as a cue and run with it... on Monday... languages!!! I've been thinking of making a board game with languages for YEARS now. Maybe this will be the year?!!? :D

Anyway, once more the couch is calling me and the warm aroma of coffee and Kahlua is not being too subtle either.

G'night all...!!


Risa said...

Sorry your day was not what you had in mind, but it sounds like you all made the best of it. Thanks for the tip about Iron Giant--I am going to check it out for Family Movie night one weekend here too. And yeah--my boys love playing around with languages; the other day, we taught them the intricacies of Pig Latin. Not a real second language, but fun nonetheless!

I would be VERY interested in seeing what sort of thing you come up with for a board game with languages.

Missusgarry said...

Sorry, too, that you were 'all dressed up and nowhere to go'... but sounds as if the day ended well in any case...! Loved the pic of Jack - I, too, remember sitting on my hands while he did it ....:)!!! Jessie looks full of concentration as she reads!