Tuesday, January 26

Airing my dirty laundry in public, puking and piles.

My friend Lisa and I have agreed that we should invite each other and our respective husbands to our homes AND DUMP LAUNDRY ALL OVER THE COUCH...!! You know how you tidy the heck out of your house before your friend and her husband arrive and then when they go home the husband says things like... There's NEVER laundry all over the couch at Tiffany's house...!! Well in the spirit of keeping things honest and full disclosure, I invite you to my house and to bear witness to our "little laundry problem...." !!

Today started...um....poorly... as I woke with what I like to term a "puking migraine" as in 'I'll have to puke before I start to feel better'. My lovely family took wonderful care of me, bringing my drinks, keeping quiet, bringing me gum when I finally threw up!! Lucy, the puppy and Raindrop the kitten ALSO took care of me and snuggled with me as I slept. Lucy followed me to the bathroom, back to the bedroom, the bathroom, the bedroom...!! I honestly felt so loved today. I knew my Mum was worried about me, I had several people call me and when Rex told them I was sick, they asked me later how I was feeling and if I was better.... it's so nice to be cared for!! Anyway, it was about 3pm before I was up and dressed so the "Day of Tackling the Laundry Monster" got off to a very late start! Nevertheless the children and I were determined to make a go of it and we hauled every last piece of laundry down to the living room and we marveled at what a huge pile it made. The children leaped in it, buried each other in it, climbed in it.. They slid down the stairs on it, made hide outs in it.....until finally, big mean Mommy made them help separate it into colors and start the wash process!! In order that the day was not totally drudgery, we opened up our new Netflix of the Gilmore Girls and we watched that as we worked!! A MUCH nicer way to spend the afternoon!! We still haven't finished the laundry, there are a few baskets remaining, but man... you should SEE my lovely piles!! ;D

Some of the laundry....

Lorelei Gilmore keeping us entertained!

MORE of the laundry....

My GORGEOUS machines!!! I LOVE these beasts.... LOVE them!! I literally squealed when I first turned them on and they made a beautiful brrrrrING noise!!!!

Piles of piles.... Now all we need to do is get it all put away.....!!!

And one for the dog lovers.. she just looks so COMFY!! You would never guess this was the monkey that runs off for hours on end....!! **tsk** !!

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