Thursday, January 28

A dinosaur train, a long earred owl, a swan and a bunny!

Today was NUTS!!! It was so crazy busy I didn't know whether I was coming or going most of the day! The phone was ringing off the wall, the kids seemed to be wanting this that or the other... the dogs, the computer, my job...!! Aie aie aie! Still we did have some nice moments! :D

Jack built himself a Dinosaur Train from the PBS kids show. He used our chair and the laundry baskets, yes,they are still in the living room..!! Here's a pic of him pulling the "whistle".....

But it's never fun unless you can get your Mum to ride the train WITH you... so here I am... obliging...!! ;D

Jack had his hair in pigtails overnight and wanted them in all day today... he'd seen his sister get her hair done and wanted a go too....

the trouble was, when we took them out... we got Jack the Horned Owl..!! ;D

That sort of crazy leads to more sorts of crazy.....

We did get some "work" done today though! Jessie did some logic puzzles from MEP maths, she read some books on presidents and on Kings and Queens of England. She made a couple of timeline cards and wrote a letter in really neat writing. The kids also used the books, Draw Write Now again.... today they drew a bunny (Jack )

and a swan.....

Lovely, aren't they!!??

Well I have to go to bed... it's so late...!! So much for my early night stuff!! This time of night is the only time I get to get anything done...but then I'm exhausted in the morning!! Ugh!! ;D

'Night all! ;D


Risa said...

Love the horned owl pic! And mine are big fans of dinosaur train here too. Hope it's a quieter day tomorrow!

Samantha said...

Hope things are better today!

My girls love Dinosaur Train too!

Jack the Horned Owl! That is a priceless picture.