Friday, January 29

Rolling rolling rolling......!

So we're still working on the marble run....!!!! It's a doozy of a job and Jessie is WOWing me with her "sticktoitness" ! I'm so proud of that kid. I told her she wouldn't have to do anything else for school all day long as long as she worked on that thing! Honestly it's firing up neurons she never knew she had! ;D

In a similar vein you have got to seeTHIS thing! A fantastic series of simple machines ultimately wind up opening the curtains in a distant part of the house!! We were fascinated! ( I especially love the chess pieces moving....! ) Jessie was totally taken with the entire concept and, before bed, had already envisioned two machines that might just work!! I'm excited to try them out tomorrow and of course, share pics! ;D

I'm really excited to think where this may lead. I really would love the children to have mechanical minds... mine.... not so much! ;D LOL!!!

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Stephanie said...

That was amazing. It would take me at least a year to make that.