Saturday, January 16

Hooray for the weekend!

A quiet and simple day today! I slept in this morning ( Whooo hooo! ) thanks to my lovely hubby and Wallace and Gromit!! I didn't get out of bed until 8:45. When I did get up it was due to yelling and fighting going on downstairs! Jack had been good for a couple of hours but for some reason did NOT want Jessie to feed the dogs so he shut her in the coat closet. Naturally she objected which resulted in Jack YELLING his head off. I came down and started the day by putting Jack in the corner until he felt he had calmed down and was ready to apologise. Hmmm. Took a while !! ;D Whilst he was in the corner I made him some toast and the MOMENT after he had finished it he seemed to flip and switch and was all nice and contrite. Bless him. I think his blood sugar really needs to be watched... it's so easy for him to get hungry and then just freak out!! Anyway, once he'd come out the corner and apologized he got to help me empty the dishwasher ( as he'd been mean to Jessie... "If you're mean, you clean" and then we did some spelling words "If you yell, you spell." He really enjoys doing both things and we get to spend some time together being nice and friendly. He didn't want to STOP spelling and he's really making great strides in spelling and reading now.

Daddy suggested we go out for lunch so we all got ready and went to The Two Twins Cafe for some delicious food. Whilst we were waiting Jack was in SUCH a lovely mood. We sat down next to a lady and Jack put his arm around my neck and hugged me, then he reached over to the lady, touched her gently on her shoulder and whispered "I love you" !! She was very touched! ;D As people got called to their tables we scooched closer to the maitre d' and we came upon another nice lady. Jack kindly invited her to sit with us! Unbeknownst to Jack the said Lady's date arrived and wondered at Jack sitting so close to her! When Jack and the date were introduced Jack stuck out his hand and said "Hey, Man!" !! LOL!!!! Funny kiddoe.

We had a really filling meal but it was delicious. Jessie shared her french fries with me and Jack helped Daddy eat his grilled cheese sandwich! At one point Jessie left the table to go to the bathroom and as I watched her walk away I was struck by how tall she is, how grown up she is, how beautiful she is. She doesn't get anywhere near the attention Jack does and I'm sure she feels left out by that, but boy, we sure do love the heck out of her. She is an enormous help to us and we are madly proud of the wonderful, smart and feisty young lady she is becoming. A young lady with the biggest heart and the warmest hugs any mother could ask for.

We spent the rest of the afternoon driving up to Omaha and back. We'd planned to attend an event but once there it didn't seem to be all that thrilling so we drove back home again!! Truth be told Rex just wanted to show me the enormous snow drifts that had caused the interstate to be closed last week. I was impressed!! ;D

You can see here where the plows had to cut THROUGH the drift... it's a WALL of snow! The black line you see is not the road, it's dirt etc from the FIRST snow...!! The snow had been that deep all the way across the lanes! I would NOT have wanted to be the plow driver at that point! Yowzah!

We drove home in the thickest fog

The picture below is as you drive into town... you can JUST make out the gas station on the left!!

As we arrived home we were greeted by two very chipper pooches, one of whom had left me a puddle of pee on my bedroom floor and an even MORE special surprise on Jessie's floor. *** hangs head and sighs *** If it's not the kids it's the blooming dogs. Tsk!! Anyhoo. After a dinner of baked potatoes, baked beans and cheese and a viewing (over and over again) of Wallace and Gromit in "A Matter of Loaf and Death" I took a weary Jack and an equally weary Jessie up to bed. I read Jack a book called The Story of Trains and it was WONDERFUL! I had only intended to read the first chapter but it was so interesting and contained such wonderful information we ended up reading the entire thing! I brought it downstairs so I could read it again to Jack tomorrow and when we get our timeline back up we'll make cards to show the evolution of the railways! If you have a child who enjoys trains I seriously suggest you look for this book at your library or better yet, buy yourself a copy!! ;D

Well I'm off to scrounge around for some yummy chocs I got from my Mummy in the mail yesterday!! I LOVE my Mummy!! ;D

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Holy Dinah! Those are some snowdrifts, Batman!