Saturday, January 16

How Now, Brown Cow?! :D

In the interest of sticking to my goal of one blog / examiner post a night I'm quickly posting a blog post now before I fall asleep in my chair! ;D

Good news! Jack was amazingly good today!! ;D Last year, or, heavens, it may have even been the year before that (!!) I bought the entire collection of "Draw Write Now" books. If you haven't seen them, you should! They are wonderful for little kiddoes to help them draw and write. Jack LOVES them and today he and I drew a cow!

We wrote the word "cow"

and later, with his magnet letters, we made the word cow!

(Please let it be known I was instructed to "make a crazy face" here!)

Jack also helped me feed the birds

and we spotted a woodpecker and a nuthatch who was chattering at us to hurry up and refil the suet as she was HUNGRY!!!

We took a trip to the pet supply store in the afternoon. Petsmart is one of the kiddies favorite stores and Jack looked ( and looked ) at the fish tanks. Jessie loves to look at the kitties or go and chat to the groomers and watch the dogs get haircuts, but all the cats were sleeping today and there was only one little dog getting a trim!

After the pet store, Super Target!! We got a little frazzled there as I was getting calls about work which were stressing me out, I had my coat on and was overheating and Jack did not want to leave the toy aisle... ( really??? You don't say!!) We negotiated a truce after I dragged him out the store and threatened to leave him in the car whilst we checked out!! He was very good after that and helped me pack the cart and load everything into the car! He was such a helpful sport. The rhymes really seem to be working. He does respond better to consequences!!

Jessie had a nice day I think! ;D She decided to give up the computer and daytime TV watching until the end of the month and so spent her day working on math problems, spelling lists, listening to music and reading books. She had rather too much enthusiasm in Super Target driving me nuts by skipping and leaping around, but, as she told her Dad... "How can anyone NOT skip in Super Target!! " On a good day I totally know what she means! ;D

Anyway, it's very late and I'm sooo tired! Sorry for the short and sweet post.. maybe more tomorrow.... who knows?!?! Until then, I think I need some hot chocolate....!! mmmmmmmmm!!!


k2k said...

What a lovely day. Tell me more about the rhymes, did I miss that post?

Samantha said...

I bought the first book in the DrawWriteNow series for Vivian and she loves it! I'm sure I'll be purchasing more.

I completely agree with Jessie ~ we skip in Super Target, too. ;D

~ Samantha

Risa said...

I second the recommendation for Draw Write Now. We bought them last year and Daegan was only lukewarm--I think they were still a bit too much for him--but this year he is booting through them. He asks to do one most mornings now, as he is very focused on his drawing skills at present, as well as mastering printing lower case. Look for a blogpost from me about this topic soon too. :-)

And I am sorry we didn't get to Super Target when I was there. Never even been in a Target, much less a Super Target. Oh, pity us folks living out at the edge of civilization! :-)

BTW, you're doing awesome at keeping to your write every day resolution--and I am very much enjoying the results! Hugs and kisses!

Missusgarry said...

REEEEALLLY enjoyed that blog Tiff! Love the pictures. I love the way Jack is responding lately!! Well done... it's great! The cow picture is wonderful... :) Garry! xx

Gorgeous. said...

Thanks for all your comments, folks! I love to know that people are reading!

Kim, I'd mentioned in a previous post that we are working on rhymes with Jack to try and reinforce good behaviour, only it occurs to me that it may backfire as a) the rhymes are negative and b) they result in him spending one on one time with me doing fun stuff! I can see him yelling and beating up Jessie just to get quality time with his mother!! ;D Anyway, we use such rhymes as "If you hit, you sit" " If you yell, you spell" ( we work on spelling words for a while ) "If you are mean, you clean " (He helps me with some chores until he has calmed down and switched his attention to something other than meanness!!) :D It's working so far but we'll see how it goes! ; D

Gorgeous. said...

Samantha... DO get the other books, they are really wonderful !! ;D

Risa, ***Thanks!!!***

Next time you come and visit we'll make a special point of going to Super Target. I'm glad Daegan is enjoying the books! I think they have to be ready for them, you know, to keep them enthusiastic! We've found the perfect time for Jack... any earlier and he wouldn't have been so keen either!

Gorgeous. said...

Garry.... !! So glad you liked the post! I thought you would! ;D