Tuesday, January 12

Bathtime, Bedtime and TV guilty pleasures!

Tonight was Jack's bathnight. He and Jessie alternate nights and it was his turn tonight. I LOVE when Jack has a bath. It seems no matter what I do with him, his face is always sticky and his fingernails are black but on bathnights I put him to bed squeaky clean and soapy scented. There's something about a squeaky clean kid at bed time that just warms my heart! Jack is tremendous about going to bed... once he's upstairs he's quick and easy to get ready. We DO have problems getting him to keep the bathwater in the tub and have once had water dripping on us in the kitchen below, but for the most part he's a treat. Zipped up in his footy pajamas and tucked under the fabulous quilt his Garry made him for Christmas and the little man is out like a light. The only thing that warms my heart more than a squeaky clean kid is a SLEEPING squeaky clean kid!! Usually the children sleep like rocks all through the night, but tonight Jack decided he was thirsty and we heard his padded feet heading down the stairs as we watched TV. He had a little drink and then sat with his Daddy on the couch, both had their feet up, both covered in blankets, both yawning.... My men!! Anyway, seeing Jack on the couch when he should really be in bed reminded me so much of being a child and coming downstairs in the middle of the night ( or what SEEMED like the middle of the night to me!! ) Everything seems different. The quality of the light seems different. The pace seems different. Everything is peaceful and calm, nothing but the flickering light from the television and a lamp in the corner. I remember that feeling so well. I felt so warm and safe and special. It's such a comfort I think to know your parents have the helm whilst you sleep. I always remember that sensation whenever the kids come down at night. Of course it helps that it's a rarity, but I want them to feel the same sense of peace as I did. Anyway, before long Jack decided he was ready to go back to his own bed and two minutes later he was fast asleep leaving me to my computer and streaming Netflix episodes of Jon and Kate Plus Ei8ht! Now THAT woman has her hands full... and you hardly EVER see her eating chocolate! ;D

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