Thursday, January 14

Winter is OVER!! Winter is OVER !! :D


Yesterday I was sitting working at my computer... again.... and I happened to glance at our weather station thingy. I had to glance more than twice before it registered what the outside temp was claiming to be...!!! 48 degrees. 48 degrees ABOVE freezing!!! Lately it's been 20 degrees BELOW freezing so I was AMAZED at what I was seeing!!! I hustled the kiddoes to the window CONVINCED I would see a squirrel sitting on the temperature gauge, but no.... it really was warm AND THE SNOW WAS MELTING!!! The kids and I put on our boots, coats and gloves, grabbed up the exhilarated dogs and we headed OUTDOORS for FUN!!!!

It was like emerging from a cocoon!

The sun felt so good on our faces, the sky was so BLUE!!

The snow glistened and glimmered, birds sang louder, trees seemed taller...!!

We looked around us as if we'd been kept underground for years....! It was so magical!!

We had a leisurely walk and it honestly felt odd to not be scurrying, muscles clenched against the cold, shoulders hunched against the wind... We STROLLED along the footpath. The melting snow had become perfect snowball snow, so naturally we had to have something of a snowball battle!

The children found an enormous pile of snow that the city had made with their huge plows! This pile became a fort, a mountain, a slide... a kiddie paradise!

Another drift formed a snowy bathtub!!

After about 30 minutes of snow play we slowly and happily headed back home,

reflecting and reminiscing about our fun walk! One WONDERFUL thing about Nebraska is smack in the middle of winter you can get fabulous days of warm sunshine and BLUE blue skies, just to lift your spirits so we can make it through until spring.

*** HAPPY SIGH!!!***

I can't WAIT for SPRING!!!!!!

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Risa said...

Awesome pics for a lovely day! I find the true blue winter sky and snow glinting in the sunshine quite breath-taking. I'd take it over warmer and soggier weather any day. Suppose that's what makes me a prairie gal. :-)

I see a huge difference in my boys' behaviour when we can get outside comfortably for an extended period of time. Or maybe I'm more content so their typical behaviours don't bother me as much. Or both. Finger crossed this spell of warmth lasts til the 20th when we're gonna see the Olympic Torch runners--mere blocks from home!