Sunday, January 17

Unhealthy biscuits, Roulette, and letting strangers into your house...

What a day!!! WHAT a day!!! Honestly it's been one of those days that you just don't expect! :D I got up at 6 with Jack this morning, it was my turn! Rex had slept in Jack's bed all night as Jack had slept in ours, so Rex was out like a light. Jack and I crept downstairs and I made us some breakfast, did a little work, read the news etc. Jack watched a movie, drew some pictures, I read him a book... it was very peaceful and calm. I looked out the window at the dense fog and thought what a lovely day it would be to sit by the fire, maybe watch a movie and work a little on knitting my first dishcloth!! Hah.

At 8 am Jessie got up... she came downstairs wearing a lovely dress and boots! She looked wonderful! She and Jack kept relatively quiet and I lay on the floor under a blanket and "pretended" to go to sleep. I was frankly amazed at how easily I fell asleep despite the fact the kids kept waking me up to show me the drawings they had made and the cat kept climbing on my head. By the time 9:30 rolled around I figured hubby would be upset to sleep MUCH longer (!) so we made him some instant Honey Butter Biscuits!!

It's SOOOO far removed from stuff I usually make, I'm usually all about organic and making from scratch, but there is something about those sorts of biscuits that I really like so when I saw the packet at the store, well I figured my junk food deprived family would probably devour them without harm!! I put on a pot of coffee, Jessie drew Rex a picture and together with Jack carrying the biscuits, we hauled the lot up to Daddy and woke him with "Happy Unfather's Day! "

Once all the excitement had died down and I headed off to get showered and dressed Rex and the kids began a game of roulette!!! Garry had sent it to us in the mail and we thought it made a fantastic math lesson!! There's counting, odds and evens and of course, probability! The children thought it was a hoot! Even the dog was intrigued!!

An hour or two later, when I was teaching the kiddoes how to knit ( finger knitting for Jack, casting on for Jessie ) the doorbell rang. It's not often we get unexpected visitors so the dogs went ballistic (which is NEVER embarrassing ) and I opened the door to find a young boy on the door step asking for money for the heart foundation. I asked him where he lived, where he went to school, all the usually stuff you ask a child on your doorstep and then I invited him in whilst I wrote him a ( very small : ( ) check. Jack took an immediate shine to the boy and accosted him right away asking him to "Come look" and trying to get him into the basement! The boy left with my check and headed over to the neighbors. The kids, who were watching him, alerted me to the fact he was on his way back over to our house! I'd forgotten to sign a form. I told him how Jack had burst into tears when he left and how he'd wanted him to play Wii with him! The boy, Devon, shrugged and said cheerfully "I can if you like!" LOL!! So off they went!! Jack and the stranger, into the basement to play!!!
They played Wii for quite a while, then Jessie and Devon played Blokus, they played some more Wii, watched a movie and then Devon said he should probably go home now...! Jack had a wonderful time! He really needs older boys to hang out with... they are so much more tolerant of him!

Whilst Jack and Devon were playing downstairs Jessie and I played around with an online game called Crayon Physics It's SUCH fun!! You have to draw lines to get a ball to hit a star. Sounds easy..!! ;D Jessie showed a real talent for it and seemed to have a lot of fun playing with it!

ANYHOO!!! Rex had gone out for a while and when he came home he'd brought a movie for the kids, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. I sat at the computer and worked and they watched that with Daddy. They DO love their movies. ;P I made them some soup for dinner and once the movie was over it was time for bed. Jack was SO.TIRED. he couldn't keep his eyes open so I carried him up to the bathroom and got him ready for bed. Once he was all clean and pj'd we went into his bedroom and he sat on my lap on the floor. He looked at me, all big blue eyes and said "I yuff you." Awww. After a while I started to tickle him. He has a really ticklish neck and we call it his "Collapsing button" if you press it, he falls down!! Poor kid!! I kept tickling his neck, then his knees, neck, knees, he was in stitches!! He laughs so hard and I LOVE his laugh! It's so infectious!! He finally calmed down enough to get into bed and as he snuggled down under the covers, he sighed " Ah....! I yuff yaffin' !! AAAAAAND tickle!!" What a cutie!!

It was Jessie's night for a shower and she used a timer this time as she tends to be in there for ever...! The timer went off and I went in to help her stop it.
She stood there, looking very serious, and said "I know how to cure Cancer" "Really?" I said.
"Yes. You just take a cancer cell, put it in some blood, and then inject it." "Inject it with what?" I asked.
"A needle."
" Were you trying to Do anything with the needle, or just make the cancer mad?" I asked.
She heaved a heavy sigh and solemnly said "I guess I DON'T have the cure for cancer!!"

Pity. That would have been a neat science project. Sort of. !

So there ya go. No fire, no peaceful sitting and barely any knitting! I can see some in my future, and also some coffee.... with Kahlua. And some chocolate. Lots and lots of chocolate.


Magic and Mayhem said...

What a fun day! I love Roulette... and junky biscuits and napping on the floor and wii.... I should have been there! :)

Missusgarry said...

Well.. WHAT a lovely day!!! Pleased to hear the Roulette is useful for maths etc... would hate to think it was just teaching the kids to gamble!!!!! ;) xx

Risa said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!