Thursday, August 21

Breaking out of my box! :D

Oh I have so much to tell you but I just don't get time to blog! :D I have too... many .... pictures! It takes me an age to resize everything and get them online that I put off the whole thing, then put it off some more, then take more pictures that need resizing.. and so on! :D

I had a wonderful couple of days in MN recently! I fulfilled my daughter's wishes to go camping this summer and I drove myself, the kids, the dog and a tent to MN where we met up with the lovely Alicia and another family I haven't seen for a long time! All the kids played so nicely together, the campsite was beautiful, the weather sublime and not ONE bug bite!! :D ( I have pictures... ! ) I'm so proud of myself for driving all that way alone. I know it's probably not a huge deal for some, but hey, it's a biggie for me! :D

I'm in the middle of making dinner at the moment, but wanted to post whilst I was thinking about it! :D

More later! :D

Oh... and PS... the weather is fantastic here today... 80 degrees was our high, the windows in the house are all flung open and the breeze is gently blowing through the house. I can smell smoke from a woodfire on the wind... it's heavenly. ( ok, apart from the TRAIN that just went by! THAT is LOUD!! )

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Alicia said...

It IS a big deal that you came! Traveling to other states with two small children, a dog and a tent is pretty darn brave! I'm so glad you did. It was so fun to see you guys!