Friday, August 22

Pictures from the 5k....!

Can you tell I'm stalling to avoid cleaning the house?! Is it that transparent!?

This is me... guess which one..... and the throng of runners at the start. Most of them ploughed past me within the first couple of feet leaving me to wonder that I might be the last. I REALLY didn't want to be last. I didn't care where or when I finished... just not last.. please...!!!!!

So I didn't come in last.......!! I made it in reasonable time I thought! Ignore the fact that the first place runners came in after only 12 minutes or some such nonsense!!! HOW is that possible!?!?!

THIS guy came in last, but he is my hero. He is 93 years old and a really nice guy! He came in after 46 minutes which I think is bloody amazing!!! Good for him!!!!!!

Next time, 5 miles....!!!!!

1 comment:

Stacy said...

Which one in the pic is you? What color are you wearing? Please tell!!! LOL