Friday, August 22

On the ferris wheel....!

Would you believe I accidentally deleted all my lovely photos from the county fair. Boo. Happily hubby had taken some of us on the ferris wheel and here is proof of my Jackster LOVING his first "big wheel" ride!!! He's really taking big strides this year! Way to go, Jack!!! :D

(Edited: Handsome, wonderful, amazing hubby was able to find the pictures for me! He ROCKS!!)

Every year Jessie and I ride together on the Ferris Wheel. This time Jack wanted to come too.......

This is us three on our way around. I was so amazed that Jack was happy and enjoying it as opposed to panicking and trying to escape right at the top, which is what I THOUGHT might happen, that I kept trying to get photos of him laughing and grinning!

Here's a good one!

Here's Jessie enjoying herself too!!!

This is the view from the top of the wheel! You can see hubby taking a picture of us at the bottom!

And this is one Hubby took that I really like!

I love our tradition and am so happy that Jack is now part of it too!!!


Alicia said...

I love this picture! You should have it framed. So sweet. :)

Anonymous said...

it was grate!