Tuesday, August 12

Life is what happens

when you are busy making other plans!! :D We have been So Darn Busy lately!!! And I couldn't even tell you what we've been doing! The days and weeks are racing by, Summer is waning, Fall is all but here. I LOVE the weather this time of year. Crisp blue skies, cool, starry nights..... bliss!

When hubby is away we just live for the weekends so time flies.

We've had some fun lately though! I ran my first 5k last weekend!!! Whoo hooo!! Go me!!! We also went to the county fair ( which Jessie used to call the "counting" fair! ) and Jack begged for and LOVED his first ride on a Ferris Wheel. There has been much playing on the swings and jumping through sprinklers by the kids, baking and reading of books from me! I baked a delicious vegan Carrot Cake last week, it was the best I've tasted! On Sunday I baked us some cranberry and apple muffins... again, vegan, and again, delicious!!! I've read so many books it's crazy, none of them "good" for me !! LOL! Just "junk!" I did read The Virgin's Lover, another book like "The Other Boleyn Girl"... awesome books! Those are the sorts of books I sneak upstairs and hide under the bed to read. You think I'm kidding, don't you!!! I'm still running or biking every morning. I alternate days. Yesterday I ran 3 miles and today I biked 8 miles. I'm not sure what's going to happen once the snow starts!! But that's a looooong time off, right?!?! :D

This coming weekend I hope to take my hubby out to the movies! Our beloved and adored Meggers is coming to babysit for us so we're ALL excited about that!! On Monday I MAY be taking myself, two kids and a dog up to Minnesota to camp ( in a tent, by myself... ) for the night!! Whooo!!! This would be huge for me as I just don't do things like this!! I need to stretch my limits a little bit. I am very comfortable in my box and recently realised that although it's comfortable and "safe" in here, maybe there are some fun things out there I oughtn't to miss!! We watched "Nim's Island" the other day and that, coupled with the 5k probably have inspired me somewhat! :D

Today we are going out bowling and to play on some "Giant Inflatables" ... what ever that means!!! : D I'm sure we'll have fun, no matter what! :D

Have a great day and I'll try and post some pictures later ... honest!!! :D


Sherry said...

It's great to hear from you! I missed not seeing your posts. It sounds like you have loads of fun!

jennifer lara said...

good to hear from you :)
sounds like you are having wonderful fun. brave you going camping!
my family wamts me to work up the courage, if it goes well for you maybe i'll be inspired

Oak Park said...

Sounds like a wonderful summer! I'd love the vegan carrot cake recipe :P

Andi said...

Oh you are going camping? The kids keep on at me to do that and I always say I will but somehow never manage it!

I think I'm going to try it.......