Thursday, August 21

Camping in MN !

We had a most excellent time in MN on our camping trip!

Here are some pics! :D

This was everyone on the first evening! The two Jacks appear to be arguing over the lantern. Very possible!!

I love this pic Jack took of me.... Look at Alicia in the background!! She looks a touch frazzled...!! LOL!! And the two boys hugging by the tent...! So cute!! : D

Jack hardly knew this family but jumped right in to play ball with them! ;D I'm so proud of him these days! Since he got the glasses he's a new kiddoe! ;D


Susan said...

Hey Gorgeous,
It's great to see your picture from the front. : ) Yes, you look fabulous ! Alicia does look like a woman with a mission. lol. Glad you had fun and I would not drive alone, I can barely drive to Walmart and Church, each less than five miles away. I would think it an accomplishment too, so good job ! And pictures make me crazy too so I just write a bunch and do pictures sometimes. lol
Susan Maire

Gorgeous. said...

Susan... I always say I wouldn't drive to Omaha, it's an hour and a half away! ( too much traffic for me!! ) I like driving locally and just to get to the grocery store is 30 minutes from our house, so I sort of get used to that. I really LOVE long road trips, but I'm never the driver! This time was marvelous though. The kids sat waaaay in the back and I took out the other seats so they had loads of room for their feet and the dog. I put a book on CD on for them ( Magic Treehouse!) and set the speakers so it would only play in the back of the van. I put a book on CD on to a portable CD player and put an earpiece in one of my ears and listened to a mystery novel. I set the cruise control on the van and had a Garmin GPS give me directions all the way there, so basically I just had to be alert to changing lanes and such. Also the route I took was very peaceful. Barely any traffic! Rex had to go to Iowa the same morning as I went to MN, so we travelled on the same roads. I went ahead of him for a while as he stopped for coffee, then we stopped for gas and he passed us. He waited for us some miles ahead and then pulled out behind us. We went our seperate ways in Iowa and then the kids and I were on our own!! It was a great adventure and I felt very brave and proud of myself! :D It's opened up America for me and I'm very excited about that!!!